Factory campus: Bakrahat Road, Vill. Poalia, P.O. Rasapunja, Kolkata – 700 104

The Corporate Office of R&B Enterprise is located on the Southern fringes of the city. It is a fully state of the art factory cum office campus with over 250 employees. The office contains the Creative Department, Manufacturing unit, Archive, Merchandising & Design services, Quality Control, HR & Administration, Finance, Logistics & the Director’s office too. The 23,000 sq ft factory cum office campus has all the facilities in house from designing, sourcing, dyeing, printing, hand & machine embroidery to the making and finishing of the products and an integrated operations. The in house facilities ensure that we have a better control over the quality and processes, thereby reducing the production turnaround and enhancing quality parameters. The unit is fully equipped with the latest machine dyeing facilities. This unit is pollution compliant with an installed ETP. Along with dyeing the factory has facilities for most printing techniques.

The Kolkata facility has a capacity to manufacture 3000 - 4000 units of High Fashion Garments, 10000 - 12000 units of Basic Garments & in excess 10000 units of different Accessories in a month.

The Kolkata factory is a fully socially compliant Sedex certified factory w.e.f January 2010.

RB works for top and mid-high end clients in