R&B Enterprise was born with strong values and is more than a corporate sector citizen that initiates social activities. These strong values helped us in being an organization that was social in nature and our growth was designed to benefit the society at large by uplifting the livelihood and social being of the community that we belonged to. In its sincere social initiative, the company, as a policy, works for the eradication of social evils associated with the industry as child labour and has set up R & B Foundation, a NGO to provide basic education to the children of the embroiderers and also children from sections of the underprivileged society. The foundation takes care of the education and sustenance of thirty school going children. Located in Ulberia, this facility runs solely on donations made from the company and the Directors hold key responsibilities for managing the foundation.

Tomorrow’s Foundation

The journey began from the terrace of Mother Teresa's 'Nirmal Hriday' with 17 children being given non-formal education with little things (such as milk and biscuits) for motivation. Arup Ghosh and Swarup Ghosh established Tomorrow's Foundation with blessings from Mother Teresa. Today, TF is proud to have new institutional collaborations for four projects

  • Paul Hamlyn Foundation started supporting Uttaran – Bastar,
  • UNICEF (Chhattisgarh) started supporting Dishari, and
  • Mennonite Central Committee started supporting TF’s Model School.

TF also received corporate supports from Foundation Air Liquide for Jyotishka project.

In Dantewada two new initiatives started – Shilpa Gram – an initiative to train semi literate youths in trades with high market demand and Dishari – an initiative to improve quality education and child protection in the residential centres being run by the government.

Finally, 3 seasonal hostels could be started in receiving areas of Jharkhand with support from Foundation BHARATI (Netherlands) and Foundation Air Liquide (France). TF also extends its support in North Kolkata. With support from the French Embassy of India the Charaibeti Project for mainstreaming of children with disabilities is run South, East and North Kolkata.

At present Tomorrow’s Foundation reaches out its extended support to 8300 children in West Bengal, Chattisgarh & Jharkhand.

Grassroot Business Fund Pre Investment

R&B Enterprise sources hand-woven textiles and embroidered materials from over 2,000 artisans working in structured clusters across West Bengal.  The company has invested heavily in developing this part of its supply chain, providing them with working capital financing, capacity building and market demand for their products.  Through GBF's pre-investment due diligence and BAS work, the company restructured its legal and operating structure, which projects an increase in R&B Enterprise’s sales to over 13 percent over the life of GBF's investment.  

RB works for top and mid-high end clients in